Reflection Point: Product Design

We are all users of hundreds of different types of products. You are using several right now to read this post, from your computer or smartphone, your web browser, and everything in between my words and your eyes. Even I am using glasses to see the world around me, a product with life-changing capability.

When you stop to think about it, you really start to notice all the little decisions that have been made to make the products you use what they are now. Your cell phone, your computer, your car, and even your homes are a form of product design.

I have to say, I feel like my phone is a comfort to have at all times. It serves as a form of safety, entertainment, and connectivity. I don’t use the word addicted for myself, but I can assume we have all seen those who are glued to their devices if we’re not talking about ourselves.

I want to ask, are we in need of more products that help and improve our lives? Or are we to continue iterating on the best we already have to achieve a final form of products for eternal use?

I find the breadth and depth of product design so interesting and important that I am dedicating my career to make products better and easier for the world!

The best products don’t set out to make a killing, but solve problems and improve the quality of life for all users. This really draws me to the study because I want to help people through technology and make an impact on the world through my work. Everyone’s work is meaningful, but this is how I can contribute and still feed my creativity.